Benjamin Mendy’s injury a blessing in disguise?


The ex Monaco star Benjamin Mendy is ruled out for the entire season but his void has been filled up by City fabulously with Fabian Delph becoming the hero of his changed position.

Discipline, static game plan and agile team unity has created the Citizens a superpower to compete upon this campaign guided by a mastermind who likes to win big.

But it had not been possible if the chosen eleven didn’t dedicated themselves to their positional task.

After an expectation drowned first season, Pep believed a total reversal of the squad is required. Former Barcelona and Bayern boss swept away some of the stars in blue shirt to characterized his way of thinking to start the new campaign.Money was used in huge amount to bring out the necessaries Pep desired and one of those who made into that list was Benjamin Mendy, the French full back.

At the start, Pep gatherer a midfielder in the summer transfer market period in form of Bernardo Silva, the speculative from As Monaco and Mendy’s teammate at the club.

But Pep realized that the rightful signing is left to be done on the flanks otherwise he wouldn’t embraced the team as complete battalions. City brought Kyle Walker from Tottenham to settle the right back issues and went on to pursuit for someone personified to make up the opposite side.


Mendy’s speculation was already hovering at the start of the summer window and it didn’t took much time to land him with the approval fee.

The draw against Everton in early September actually inflated Pep to search for descent full backs which he received without any further issues. Mendy also began to show his domination with the left boot whipping useful crosses and getting physical defensively, just what you want a full back to do.

Under his game time, Man City find a extra motivation to move forward and grab opportunities to score lots and lots of goals. Mendy showed his real class against Liverpool whom Man City out casted 5-0 of the day, a bridge to title faith of the season according to certain experts.

But then came the mighty blow ,any coach will fear if he doesn’t have a keen backup to replace a consistent performer, that the left back will be absent from any actions City will take part for the whole of the current campaign. Pep had to think twice about who he must surge in order to replace him and to everyone surprise inspire of having Danilo, purchase from Real Madrid, to play in that role Fabian Delph was appointed to this new position.

Never ever one viewed him before as a left back and doubts began to arise even though he hadn’t touch the ball then in his changed position. Also he was facing a tough opponent in his newly oriented look against the reigning champions Chelsea at Stamford Bridge, say in beginning days of October. It was some game for him to prove his worth.

Bravely, he contributed both in the attacking and defensive half to allow no ground for the champions to work on. City won that game plying it by Kevin De Bruyne’s solo strike. Though the Belgian caught up the headlines of the media after that game, Delph’s performance did not upset the management.

Soon, the new hero in making understand his caliber and future indication of his present position. Game by game he grew more confident helping Guardiola’s trump card to play on.


His one of the most attractive display came against Arsenal at Etihad. In 3-1 win, Delph constricted the counter attack plan from Arsene Wenger and maintained an effective high line to go full on the deserted Gunners at last. Fabian’s partnership with De Bruyne and Silva was eye catching. It also helped those midfielders to stop doing someone else’s job by exploiting their lines. Leroy Sane is another name who was aided by Fabian’s mindset. Both terminates their action on the left hand side causing more unreadable attacks from that region of the pitch.

As we can see Mendy’s unfortunate news didn’t even affected the team severely instead it opened up the doors for Delph to shine independently in replacement for his role. Was it is a blessing in disguise? Probably yes.

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