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Ederson incorporates VR-Glasses into training routine


Staying and upgrading with technology is the norm of today and Ederson in an interview recently disclosed his method for staying focused during matches, particularly when his team doesn’t often require his saves. He revealed that he engages in “cognitive work” to maintain concentration.

As it turns out, Ederson has been using virtual reality glasses to enhance his concentration and mental acuity. He collaborated with a health and performance company that provides various services, including these digital exercises.


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Tulio Horta, one of the owners of Volt Sports Science, explained that the primary objective of the cognitive work is to stimulate Ederson’s brain that inturn improves his attention and spatial perception. This helps him process diverse information and exercise better control over impulsivity, ultimately enabling him to make sound decisions during matches.

“The main focus of the cognitive work is to stimulate Ederson’s brain so that he has a greater capacity for attention and perception of the space he’s in, so that he understands different information and has better control of impulsivity, so that he can make better decisions in the game,” said Tulio Horta, one of the owners of Volt Sports Science.

“We do some of this work during breaks from the strength stimuli. For example: Ederson does bench presses, and between sets he does a cognitive exercise on reaction speed, so that we condition the brain not to rest after exertion. The aim is for the brain to understand that the break is not the time to switch off, to disconnect.”


image credit: Arquivo pessoal via.

The cognitive exercises are strategically integrated into Ederson’s training routine. For example, between sets of physical exercises like bench presses, he engages in cognitive exercises that focus on reaction speed. This conditioning aims to keep Ederson’s brain active even during breaks, preventing it from switching off.

According to reports from Globo Esporte, Ederson uses these glasses twice a week during mini-games. Additionally, he responds to questionnaires aimed at assessing his cognitive performance.

Ederson, who recently claimed the starting spot for the Brazilian national team, returns to Manchester City after his international duty to face Brighton & Hove Albion following a game against Uruguay. His dedication to cognitive training demonstrates the evolving ways in which athletes utilize technology and innovative techniques to enhance their performance on the field.

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