Ederson Moraes plays outfield and scored twice


Ever since his £35 million move from Benfica in 2017, Ederson Moraes has been a sensation for Manchester City. The Brazilian is one of the most proficient prospect, someone who has the ability to be listed amongst the Hall of Fames at Etihad and be remembered for long time.

His calmness under pressure and his control and confidence over the ball enables him to retain possession. He has earned a reputation for taking risks and is regarded for his outstanding distribution. Whether it’s playing 10-yard passes to his defence or pumping the ball long to the channels, Ederson does it with unerring accuracy.

But how could goalkeeper turned midfielder fare if he played the 90 in the outfield? Alongside his City teammate Gabriel Jesus and Brazilian singer MC Guime, wearing the No.10 shirt, Ederson scored twice in a 5-4 victory for his side during a recent charity game.

His first goal came from the spot followed it up by toying with the opposition goalkeeper with some ridiculous footwork in the second.

For extended highlights of Brazil charity game, check out the video below.

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