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Ederson Moraes talks about his Lamborghini, reveals he saves 80% of his salary


Youtuber Thiago Asmar who runs the channel Pilhado recently interviewed Manchester City star, Ederson de Moraes, posting a series of videos talking to the Brazilian goalkeeper.

The previous two videos showed Ederson talking about his love for boxing, how he uses intimidation tactics during penalty shoots and talked about which player’s shots were most difficult to stop.

Fans are finally seeing a side of the player who is so rarely visible publicly off the pitch.

In the third video posted a couple of days ago, Ederson shows off his Lamborghini and talks about his dream of buying a fancy car. However, the shot-stopper explained that it is never his intention to flaunt of his wealth and talked about the negative comments he received.

“In a photo, I posted with my wife, a lot of people sent me ‘you left the favela and are already showing off’. But you have to understand that we also have dreams. I always had the dream of having a good car, a powerful car. Today, thank God, I can do it. Of course, the price here in Europe, in England, is much more affordable than in Brazil. But I was able to fulfill that dream.”

Ederson further revealed that he saved up to 80% of his current salary explaining that he tried to make financial investments and plan ahead, “I’m not a consumer, I save a lot. I try to make a lot of financial investment. So in terms of that, I’m very calm, I’m very responsible, I always save a good part of my salary, 80% I try to save. And the rest pay expenses, pay the house, travel a little with the family. You have to enjoy it too.”

“Of course, thanks to God, I worked for that, it’s a lot of sweat, a lot of crying, there are many barriers that I went through with my family. Today I can provide a good condition for my family. So I think that not forgetting my family, helping the family, everything is fine.”

He also admitted that he still gets a lot of criticism from people, asking direct questions on why he doesn’t show himself helping poor people instead of spending massively on flashy expensive cars.

The Brazilian revealed that he and his wife did charity but there he didn’t post all that to his social media.

“A lot of people say ‘why don’t you help people’? There are a lot of people who send me direct messages to help institutions, these things. But I do a lot, my wife and I. We help a lot of institutions, distribute toys in festive times, distribute Easter eggs in the community where I was born and raised. I just don’t like showing this kind of thing that I do too.”

“I try to help people without wanting to show off. Quietly. So whether you like it or not, I don’t like to show that I’m helping. I just willingly help, my wife and I. We also help animals because we have four dogs, we like animals very much, we help animal institutions. So people also have to understand our side sometimes. It’s not just because you do good that you have to show others. I particularly prefer to help from the heart. Not wanting to show that I help others. We act with a good heart, so sometimes many people do not know and end up criticizing.”

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