Ederson Moraes vs Hugo Lloris | Manchester City vs Tottenham Hotspur: UEFA Champions League Quarter Final 2019


“Ashes to ashes, Dust to dust.” The Champions League fixture for both the teams will be a must. The onus now falls on two magnanimously crucial goalkeepers who have brought their team out of seemingly impossible situations.

The toughest task to decide in combined XI of these two is the position of Goalkeeper! Who amongst these is better?

Will it be the experienced French captain Hugo Lloris or the Brazilian shot-stopper Ederson Moraes? The stage is set and the time is right to make it to the list of best players for their respective teams.

Ederson Moraes


A classy operator and a smart decision maker, Ederson is always on top although being touched rarely. The Brazilian keeper seldom gets a chance to showcase his talent but when he does, consider us won. The player aggravates us all together even from his not so touched performances.

The keeper is excellent on his feet and is so reliable that we are always sold by his performances. With all his experience, although little, Ederson Moraes has made himself an intriguing prospect just like his tattoos.

An all-round keeper for us, Ederson is decent with his reflexes and great with superman-like dives. The player apart from his game instills in confidence of our player with his crazy zeal and undying attitude that brings us all as one.

The player will now have a tougher test that he seldom does with the powerful shots of Kane to be stopped, creative intent of Son to overcome and long range shots of Eriksen to take care of.

Hugo Lloris


The French international and World-Cup winner has tasted every corner of English football that he knows the Premier League teams from in and out. Considering the fact, Lloris has a bit of advantage over his compatriot.

The wobbly keeper who makes aplenty mistakes will have to take care this time because it will different, tougher and deadly for the Frenchman who will be under the radar of City’s strikers more often than not.

The talent of Lloris is very subtle but the quality he possesses is enough for our strikers to be ready for.

If he doesn’t make any mistake it will become tougher for us to get past him. As it was in the first leg when the Frenchman came up with his boots tied and was just a piece of work to get past – but nevertheless our strikemen have to turn to their A game if they are to get past Hugo.

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