Manchester Derby 2017-18: Sergio Aguero vs Romelu Lukaku


Manchester United visits Pep Guardiola’s Manchester City on April 7.

The first goal will play a crucial part in determining the pace of the game, and talking about goals both of the Manchester side boasts reputed strikers in Sergio Aguero and Romelu Lukaku.

Sergio Aguero will go head in head with Romelu Lukaku. Both of them are top quality strikers and among-st the best around the globe. But they line up against each other and only ‘One Man’ will go away with win.

Man City Core looks at ‘where’ both of the deadly strikers stand and gives it up to you, to decide who comes out on the top.



Manchester City ace Sergio Aguero is one of the best striker of the ball in Premier League and around the world. The Argentine has always been one of the most lethal striker with his pace and passing accompanied by those perfect shots.

Sergio Aguero has been one of the most consistent goal scorer in the Premier League over past few years. His consistency is his weapon, which many top players fails to find in the ‘aggressive’ Premier League.

Manchester City top scorer Aguero has taken 93 shots this Premier league season netting an impressive 21 goals in just 24 appearances. On the other hand, he has assisted in six goals of Manchester City so far and created ten big chances with 44% shooting accuracy this season.

The Argentine has established himself as the clear first choice striker for Pep Guardiola’s men. Aguero has shrugged off his weakness under Pep Guardiola and has been an absolute beauty to watch.

He is always been there at the top end of Golden Boot list and it’s important that he keeps on giving good performances.



Romelu Lukaku has been back to his best in the recent weeks. His performances against the top six teams was always criticized but he proved the critics wrong with his performance against Liverpool.

His power is feared by defenders. Not just his shooting skills but his heading and ball holding skills are worrying factors for any opponent to ponder. His pace is also considered to be his strengths.

Manchester United Romelu Lukaku has taken 78 shots this Premier league season scoring fourteen goals in 29 appearances. On the other hand, he has assisted in seven goals of Manchester United so far and created seven big chances with 47% shooting accuracy this season.

Romelu Lukaku has been one of the Premier League best performer over the last few years. He can easily become defenders worst nightmare on his day.

City’s defence have been superb this season but they will surely have a task to keep Romelu Lukaku in pockets.

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