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Manchester City motivated by revenge or glory against Real Madrid?


Pep Guardiola in his recent interview was asked whether Manchester City step onto the turf looking for revenge against Real Madrid. The Spanish Manager did not hesitate in saying that they won’t because he believes in his team and knows that one day they will surely win the Champions League title and today is one more opportunity to do so.

Last year, the second leg was played at Santiago where Guardiola’s team lost 3-1 to a determined Ancelotti’s side. Pep Guardiola does remember that defeat fresh on his venis but is not worrying about what has already happened. “It was tough but we made an exceptional first game in Manchester and played a really good game here. In general it was a good performance but it was not enough. You congratulate them and accept it and now one year later we are here.”

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Pep Guardiola does have the pain of loss in his stomach but at the same time has butterflies running around considering the second leg will be played in Manchester this time which was not the case last season. “Seven years ago we wanted to win the Champions League. Last season it was (like) the end of the world but here we are again.

“Being stable is the most important thing. The important thing is we are trying to get better every year. We were prepared last year too. We are the same manager, mainly the same players but completely different games.

“The difference is the second leg is at home and everything will be decided in Manchester.”

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However, Guardiola can take learnings from his player Rodri who has the mentality of revenge because according to him it is what makes him thrive to win and learn from the past. Midfielder Rodri admitted revenge was there on the cards. He said: “Football gives you the option to have revenge.

“We have the philosophy you can always learn from past experiences. We did a great two games but football is like this and we didn’t go through.”

Manchester City have Erling Haaland at their disposal this time and he alone,  like Benzema from last season can take away the game from Madrid.

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