If Salah gets injured, Manchester City can easily win the Title


The bench of Liverpool is not as commanding as that of Manchester City who were easily able to substitute it’s best player Kevin De Bruyne in the time of his injury with Bernardo Silva who helped the team in a significant way to remain at the top for initial 15 games of the season.

What if in near future, Liverpool lose their Kevin De Bruyne; Mohammad Salah? Will they still be as strong and complete as they are OR Will they succumb to the absence of their Talisman Salah.

Since the exit of Suarez and Coutinho, Salah has embarrassed every defence scoring 42 goals in 52 appearances for Liverpool in the Premier League. Although, at the start of the season the Egyptian king looked out of form and so did Liverpool but his return to form has been significant bringing the Reds on top of the table.

If the Talisman matches his number from the last season of 44 goals across all competitions, that will be the only time City would be substituted as potential title favourites.


Not only Salah, even if Firmino or Sane are supposedly unavailable in future, Liverpool will in no time start their downhill run. The Reds are highly dependant on these three and more so, on Mohammad Salah, since last year. Even though Klopp’s troop is 4 points adrift of second placed Manchester City, they are not as dominant as the Blues.

The amount of points Salah, Firmino and Mane has won singlehandedly for Liverpool, if he hadn’t the Reds would have been at sixth position which signifies his importance. If Liverpool doesn’t spend handsomely in January window and find an alternate centre-forward, Manchester City will be the one lifting trophy in case Mohammad Salah get’s a Sergio Ramos in the Premier League.

Manchester City as a team are way more dominating in terms of possession, goals and creating chances. More often than not we see the games of Manchester being commanded by possession of 65% or more, a lot of chances being created and a heft goal difference.

With 18 number of matches played, Manchester City have been successful in scoring 50 goals already as compared to Liverpool’s 39, while conceding 13 as compared to Liverpool’s 7. Even without their most preferred centre-backs who are out injured, City has been able to maintain a better goal difference than Liverpool.

The odds are with Manchester City on winning the title who have a history of bouncing back harder after a loss or two. Liverpool will be facing Arsenal in the game this weekend, and their performance against the Gunners will be a testimony of whether or not will the Merseyside win the Premier League title or will it be the Blues of Manchester winning the big title two times in a row.

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