Manchester City crowned Premier League 2018/19 Champions


The title is staying!

Get me a better Premier League than this! I’ll wait!

Sell me a better side than Manchester City! I’ll wait!

Bring me a stronger side than CITY of 2018/19 season! I’ll wait!

Ask me to string to my seats and wait for next season. I’ll NOT wait!

The most awaited moment of English football is here, Manchester has turned Blue, the Champions have been crowned, the throne has been ruled, the rivals have succumbed not drastically though, the fireworks have begun, City have achieved the unthinkable, Pep Guardiola can now be called unbeatable. So many things that I can put into words right now and such is the feeling of millions like me.

The confidence is such in this squad of Manchester City that I began to jot down this article the moment Brighton scored the goal because I knew the City would pounce back but little did I know that they would do so in only 83 seconds. It took only a minute and half for Aguero to take us level with Brighton and then scoring began. We scored one more and another and then the fourth. A 4-1 victory to give Liverpool yet another nightmarish sleep making them think what wrong did they do when eventually it was nothing.

In other season if you would ask me that I feel for Liverpool losing, I would definitely say a no but this season I do! I do feel bad for them because they were always on course of winning just like us. Certainly the best team won but I can’t say Liverpool didn’t keep our hearts skipping.

There were days when I would think of Liverpool as the same old side, sliding down in the second half of the season, losing too easily in casual manner and giving away points too easily. This time though, things were different. The bar was raised by City and successfully achieved by Liverpool. The challenge was set by the Blues of Manchester and duly accepted by the Merseyside club.

The story of this season was so beautifully written by these two teams. Wins all around, excellent performances flying and history being written. Liverpool achieved 97 points courtesy their strikers, two of whom are sharing the Golden Boot, defenders who top the assist list and keeper who is the winner of Golden glove.

Manchester City was perfect in all sphere. Strikers? Tick. Midfielders? Tick. Defenders? Tick. Keeper? Tick. The squad that ticks all the boxes has to win which they did so by scoring brilliant 98 points this season only 2 less than record 100 of last year.

What to say about this season. We see a lot of turnarounds, setbacks, sensational performances, goals and often did we see Manchester City of present era. Manchester City of dreams. No other way to congratulate them then asking them to keep Pep Guardiola for two more season at least.

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