Why Joao Cancelo deserves a start?


Premier League Champions would not want to use a Danilo-replacement as a Danilo-esque player; meant to warm the bench. There’s a reason Guardiola has showed faith in Joao Cancelo which needs to be supplied as early as possible.

We all think that Guardiola have purchased Joao Cancelo in lieu of playing him as a right-back, which in reality I think is not true. What I really feel is that the Englishman will master his preferred position and it will be Joao Cancelo to play in the left-wing.

In the first game we did not see Cancelo in the left-back position which may have been mainly because of the fact that Cancelo had just arrived. After a week though, the Portuguese has acclimatised himself to the English conditions and is ready to step in the shoes of Zinchenko.

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Cancelo is worthy enough to get his chance because the Portuguese deadly fits in the squad of Guardiola and the tactics involved. Guardiola likes player of attacking mindset and if there’s a full-back who loves to move forward, it is Cancelo.

We know what Joao Cancelo can do when moving forward. A lot of goals by Cristiano Ronaldo last season have been a by-product of Cancelo’s hardship. If there’s anyone who could be benefitted with Cancelo in the pitch, it would be our centre-forward Sergio Aguero.

Apart from his attacking contributions, Cancelo can also be used to open up spaces and stop an incoming attack coming from the right-flank of opponents. Cancelo is valuable in the defence with his tackling and interceptions skills. The Portuguese defender has the space for running up-and-down the flank whenever needed.

Cancelo’s free-flowing mindset and attacking nature will help the likes of Bernardo and Kevin De Bruyne while moving forward. And, one of the key aspects as to why Cancelo should start at Etihad is his “never-say-die” attitude that will help City spur away every threat that Tottenham may create.

Joao Cancelo has proved again and again that he is capable of producing the impossible and achieving the unthinkable. In Cancelo, City have got an asset which should be used positively and as soon as possible before it gets rusted lying on the bench.

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