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Liverpool squad challenges us for next season and yes, we’re up for it!


Huh! They think that winning the Champions League makes them a bigger, greater and miraculous side than ours. I do congratulate them for their victory of elite continental cup but they are no where parallel to us, on every count.

Yes, this was a sensational season for Liverpool but they did not win the Premier League, did they? Even after being 7 points ahead, finish half-season. The players and staff of Liverpool are elevated of their extraordinary season and have therefore challenged us already for a squeaky next season.

While Jurgen Klopp is excited to face-off with Pep Guardiola yet again, next season, his players have bullishly provoked us for a valiant battle next season.

Talking about the next season, Salah and Virgil Van Dijk have warned us for another fascinating challenge.

“We will go next season for the Premier League. This is the first season we were fighting for the Premier League,” said Salah.

“Last year we were fighting for the Champions League, before that the Europa League, so it’s a progression. This is the first time we have fought for the Premier League and we only lost it by one point.”

“Manchester City won it and it was well deserved, but we will be able to challenge now.”

While Van Dijk added: “Everyone is working towards their goals and obviously we want to challenge for every trophy if possible. We have the squad for it.”

“Hopefully we can challenge Man City again next season for the title because I don’t think they will go anywhere, but we will go nowhere either.”

The Formidable of Manchester City are far better off their cross-country opponents and cometh the day, we’ll prove them so. Until then, the search for resurgent re-building of a Kompany-less squad goes on !!!

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