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Frank Lampard is convinced that Man City will run out winners of the PL this season


Chelsea Legend Frank Lampard don’t see City falling off from the first place.

Pep Guardiola’s second tenure at the club has refunded the club’s faith in a juvenile run this campaign with 31 points attained and no game lost. Invincible at the moment, City had scored unrealistic 38 goals in eleven dominated games so early this season.

City are just staggering to watch with their gold plated squad performing their job beautifully.

Pundit view this as the the season for Manchester city to be declared as champions for their unbelieving form.

Amongst those, Frank Lampard looks confident in saying City will derive the most points than others to crown them in the month of May.

Frank Lampard said in copa 90: “Man city [will win it]. It’s what we are saying now but I can’t see them being caught.”

“Some people are saying ‘yeah but the last two years they started well and went away’ but I think there’s much more to them this year.”

City are looking unbreakable at this instance and blewing away all barriers that stood in its way. Even big clubs are been included to their hunting list. They are making it regularity to win games.

” It’s great to see a team playing that way, we all want to see our own team involved but when they’re playing that beautiful football, its great to watch whether you are City fan or not.”

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