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Sergio Aguero aware of Champions league setback syndrome


After a series of upsets, Manchester City ace Sergio Aguero warns his club of chances that his club might face the same; a defeat from Schalke at home when they face the German club in the second leg of Round-of-16.

With a 3-2 win in the last fixture, Manchester City were supposedly favourites of winning the tie but recent result suggest of Ajax winning against 3-time champions Real Madrid, albeit Ronaldo less and loss of PSG, although Neymar less have registered in other teams pulling up sleeves.

City’s all time top-scorer Sergio Aguero is of the opinion that his team will have to be on their toes despite being the favourites.

Talking to ESPN, Aguero told, ”Looking at the recent results, we have to be very careful,”

“We saw strange things happening this week and it helps us to know that we must be very focused on how we handle our game next week at home.

“There were so many unexpected results. PSG had a good lead after winning in Manchester and you saw how United advanced.”

“The Champions League is very difficult, all teams are very good. In a long competition like the Premier League you can allow yourself some mistakes but in the Champions League you can’t.

“You have to be very focused, be very careful with set pieces and on all the small details.”

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Aguero has a special motivational working behind his brain and within his veins of taking his teams to the final to the city close to his heart, Madrid, the same where he made his name playing for Atletico Madrid.

“Special motivation? Of course,” Aguero added. “It’s at the Wanda, I’ve never played at that stadium.”

“Madrid is a city I love very much, my son was born over there. And it’s where I started my career in Europe. I will do my best to be there.”

Sergio Aguero has not had the same run as he usually has in the Premier Leagues but is the most dependable and experience lot when it comes to winning the titles and bringing them home. The onus is now on you Sergio to glorify and script history for CITY.

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